Mix CD Case

Everybody loves a mix tape. One of my favorite mix tapes I ever made was in junior high, it had “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio and “The Way” by Fastball. Awesome. However, this project is a compilation of my favorite songs that feature the acoustic guitar.

I love the look and sound of the acoustic guitar, and I wanted that to be my inspiration for this piece. So I used lots of different references from classic guitars as graphical elements. Wood grain texture, natural colors, and the classic form all played a part in how this project came together.

As for the package design, I wanted to exploit a very clever concept that I originally saw in a piece of junk mail. The CD case is made entirely of paper, cut and folded in such a way so that when you open the front cover the disc is literally suspended up vertically for you to remove. Then folds back away neatly when you close it again. The guitar neck belly band keeps everything secure.

CD Case DesignOpening the case delivers the discPaper case, lyric sheet, disc, and belly bandCD is suspended by paper case

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